Schakel025 is een platform waar we onze kennis over de zakelijke en organisatorische kant van werken in de kunst- en cultuursector met je delen. Het platform wordt regelmatig aangevuld of geüpdatet met nieuwe informatie of actuele ontwikkelingen. Mis je iets? Neem contact op met de directeur!

Onderdeel van Schakel025 is de subsidieregeling Stroomversneller en het Firestartfonds

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Mentorschip program

Within the arts, building a network is very important. Corona caused the natural networking moments such as openings, premieres, exhibitions, and trade fairs to be canceled. Problematic for young artists, because if you only have a small starting network, how do you expand that organically? This spring, Schakel025 offers a guideline for this stumbling block: a mentorship program.

During this program, you will be linked to a mentor. The mentor has a flourishing professional practice and a large network and can help you take a step in your development.

We will announce the mentors for this second edition of the mentorship program from mid-March. These mentors are very diverse but have one thing in common: they have put themselves on the map (inter)nationally and know how to develop your creative practice.

Curious about our mentors? Then click here!


If you participate in our mentorship program, there is no standard program waiting for you. The mentors all have a specialization, but develop the final program based on the questions and motivations of the participants.

The group size is a maximum of 4 (four) participants. Each participant gets at least 4 contact moments with the mentor individually or in the group. The time frame in which these contact moments take place differs per mentor.

Your mentor determines how these contact moments are designed and can vary from a studio visit to a group discussion about a specific topic to a visit to an exhibition/festival/fair.


This mentorship program has been devised for young makers from Arnhem and Nijmegen with professional practice of a maximum of 6 years who are looking to broaden their network, or who have questions that remain unanswered in their current network.


You can register until 18 April 2022 at the latest. Read more about registration, procedure, and criteria and register on time!

Registering for this program does not guarantee that you can actually participate. You apply, as it were, for a place in the mentorship program, and based on your resume, portfolio, and motivation, the mentor selects the makers and puts together a group.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Esther Dikkers, program manager Schakel025, 


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